Discover the beauty of the Itria Valley characterized by the famous trulli, typical and ancient cone shaped buildings, that nestle in a flourishing vegetation where olive trees grow. We are also ideally situated for visiting the beach with a choice of coast, the Adriatic is a 30 minute drive and the Ionic is about 40 minutes away.

Martina Franca

is an elegant town built on one of the Murge hills 431m above sea level. Its characteristic historical centre with small white washed streets and alleyways boasts some elegant examples of late baroque like the San Martina basilica and Dukes Palace. Each summer Martina Franca plays host to a renowned music festival, Festival della Valle d’Itria where operas and ancient musical recitals take place.


just 5Km from Martina Franca is an enchanting village whose historical centre is circular as its name suggests, loco (location) rotondo (round), also famous for its delicious white wine.


is only 12Km from Martina Franca. A charming small town which in the summer offers a huge variety of entertainment with its many pubs, restaurants and live music. The local grilled meat here has to be tasted!


the capital of “trulli land” where the old village consists entirely of trulli. These unique buildings are made using a lime mortar base and flat stones that form the conical roofs. The 13Km drive there along the old road from Martina is very picturesque.


or the "white town" as it is often referred to, is set on a hilltop a few kilometres from the Adriatic Sea about 23Km from Martina Franca and well worth a visit. The old part of the town is extremely well preserved, it consists of dazzlingly white lime painted houses from where you can enjoy magnificent views of the sparkling sea below. A lively night life can be found here as there is a wide range of restaurants and pubs.


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